Finding joy in imperfection

As women, we have a picture perfect image in our mind of what we want our lives to be.  Sometimes the vision we have as little girls for our future comes true and other times we are left with the broken pieces of our reality.

Four years ago, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. I was a bubbly new mommy but the essence of who I was as a woman had vanished. I hated my mommy tummy, my overall health was suffering, and I couldn't even remember what I was passionate about. Relationship issues forced me into new territory as a single mom and I had enough. If I wanted things to change, I needed to change.  So I decided to begin a journey to find myself and help other women in the process.

You can still find joy in the imperfection of your hopes and dreams. You can create a life that you have control over.  My life is forever changed because of the decision I made. Join me on a path where you can create a life you're proud of rather than dwelling in what could have been.